Sunday, April 19, 2009

The day of work

This morning got up early 4 the 'lapor diri' which happens to be at 8am. At the office, is it just me or it's hot in here.. the air-conditioner not turn on. i'd waited till a lday came upon me

" Ini pembantu Pengawas ke..?"


"Ikut sini"

We walk to this room which call "Bilik Gerakan"

"Apa nama..?"

"Sy Anwar, Anwar Azmi"

There the others (Pembantu Pengawas) as far from i know their name are: Maizanah (pangkat akak), the other i forgot her name. no-one else but this Zaki guy at my age. He's happens to be one of us. He wasn't there, his shift not gonna start today, but tomorrow. The chief of examination of this morning was there too. Looked at me, with those eyes which filled with determination n fierce. As i passed him, everybody eyes was upon me. Luckily..

"Tadi dh punch-in..?

"uh.. belum..? (in my mind: kena ke..? i was here only 4 the 'lapor diri' my shift will be at 2:15pm) "

"Tahu ke..? biar sini auntie tunjukkan."


"hmm.. sebenarnya sy bertugas waktu 2:15 n the sheet of comfirmation told to 'lapor diri' pd
waktu pagi."

"Klu mcm tu, pergi jumpa dgn En. Syamsul (the chief of examination n intake of a helper) dkt office dia."

Dkt mana ye..?

"Msk office then terus.. Ah, tlg tunjukkan adik ni pergi office En. Syamsul (The lady whom worked there)"

"Ni dia, office En.Syamsul"
"Terima kasih"

Knocked ont the door..

"Assalamualaikum, EnSyamsul.."

"Ah, Anwar.."

"Hmm.. sy dtg sbb dlm surat yg sy terima, hari lalu.. menegaskan bahawa harus dtg pd on the 20th of April utk lapor diri. Sy bertugas ptg."

"Hari tulah, hari lapor diri"

"Ohh.. jd pagi ni xdelh..?"

"Tak, cuma dtg masa ptg ni je.."

"Terima kasih"

Handshake. off to my dad's office which is nearby. Atm, i'm in his office, surfing the net. Around 11:15 am i'm off to old school to get my certificate which has been corrected due to certain mistake upon my certificate. It was the info in the certificate not true as i didn't sat on an exam called PMR but the scores are there n the SPM grades r not in it. I look forward to it. wish me luck 4 the time of my shift. Haha..

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jealous am i..?

I was surfing through the net, blog haven't post quite long time eversince the day decided to open up a blog. I am.
Anwar looked upon friend's blog

one of them is anisah's.. her blog was just awesome.. Anisah if u r reading this.. blh x niesah ajar anwar..? LOVE ur blog.. the animation thing.. the stories even recipes. Hahaha.. anwar dh baca dh.. I love to bake.. not that i know of but tlg skt2 di kira juga, kan..? then,

hanif's blog.. dude.. it is awesome the way of writing, brief n all tp full.. you feeling me..? it's cool. hey, i heard u had ur 'P' license already.. is it true..? well.. congratulation.. so, where u've been nowadays..? i know one of ur intention is... "The Zouk" haha.. i read ur blog... it was funny, cause that like common place to be.. the old time, me n adib were fooling around..
"Bila dh hbs SPM, Let's hit the Zouk"
"Hhaha, sure... maybe"

Ayi.. honestly anwar x pernah visit ur blog... yet.. sorry been very busy lately.. ramai lg di luar sana blm 'di-usha' haha.. kidding. walaupun diri ini gemar usha2 others, tp only one in my heart.. (^_^) she is... a girl.. dia jual mahal juga... all flattery which i learnt from my mate 'Charlie Cox' over at Exeter.. x jadi.. quite.. wah.. hope, she love me as who i am.. my true love..

There's somebody which became one of my follower.. x knl.. she's bit older.. n i'm scared.. tp pernah nmpk dia dkt one of u guys blogs..
Kpd akak di sana sedang membaca.. pls introduce urself.. i'm good guy..

Ika pula.. blm update her blog yet, tp was pretty interesting especially the one with the guy (US) will do help ourselves to aid the ladies(them) holding their handbag.. it was hilarious.. the part that apa penyakit yg dia pggl tu.. when she sees hot guys.. that what it is.. penyakit meloncat2 tu.. haha... as she is pretty busy not as busy i am.. haha.. all i do is wake up, tv.. online, solat,

what else..? oh yeah.. as far from i know.. one of my mates.. now, dkt melbourne.. smpi hati dia x inform earlier.. tp i forgave her.. we chat n all.. she said her laptop n phone broke, unable to stay contact.. over at her ms.. gmbr dia di sana... wah.. i missed being out there in others society, culture... I missed Exeter quite a lot.. walaupun hanya 3 years kt sana tp.. it was lovely to be part of it.. thank you.. F.Y.I she gonna be back MYS this sunday.. haha.. lil suprise, suppose..

I truly am in need of u guys help throughout this blogging thing.. Thank You..


Soon i'm gonna start work as facilitator over at UITM, starting next monday.. Dkt je..
the last friday that's... yesterday did this interview thing. It was quite bleak.. a few turned up.. more pay 4 me n more hard work it's gonna be.
All i have to do is.. help the other facilitator in control of the examination.
I believed it is the final exam for them, all around Malaysia gonna start on the exact time of certain paper. pretty awesome.. anyway..

wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

JPJ test today...

Well, hi y'all.. (^_^) ok.. settle down.. the day b4, my tutor told that i'll be in 1st session which is in the morning. There r 2 sessions. Semalaman tidur tp terjaga2.. pkl 4am.. 5am.. jd dh xleh tidur dh.. wake up, dgr azan. trus solat.. Doa yg tidak terhingga lamanya.. tkt juga this thing. Siap2 with red t-shirt n white stripe, jean, pair of shoes, my I.C, My L license, The money which have to pay.. all packed. I followed my father utk transport ke kedai 7-eleven, cause my tutor said he lost. so, have to wait there.. tp masa ni br pkl 7:30am.. awal juga.. tunggu till time.. bila bosan skt jln2 sekitar.. semua kedai masih tutup.. kecuali 7-eleven. Bought Chewing gum to relieve pressure.. Then, stomach ache.. rasa mcm nk keluar tp x... mcm lapar tapi xnk mkn.. can't at that moment.. It's 8:25.. no sign of him nearby.. i called. He said "dlm 10 minutes sy dtg"
i was like wha..? kt pkl 8:30.. waited 4 him again. there he is..
" Gd morning!" dlm hati.. gd 4 u..
"Uncle, dh b'fast..?" "Belum". Along the way, asked him whether i'm late..
"mana ada.. blh register pkl 10am pun blh.." My eye do the why-the-hell-u-didn't-asked-me-to-be-at-the-store-around-9am..? sy senyam shj.. sabar..

Arrived at the centre, Manducekap. around 9:35am something like that.. registered n all. Oh yeah, my num they gave was '103'
"Igt tau nombor ni" kata akak yg kerja kt situ. Jln menuju ke pondok B. Gle ramai.. carilh tmpt duduk... Then, jumpa hanif.. haha.. sebenarnya sy dh tahu dia akan exam on the exact date. Slm n chat. His num is 93.
The guy yelled out numbers " no 33,45,so on.. n 93, 103 pergi pondok C utk buat Bukit, Parking, 3 Penjuru dulu!" tkt, n excited both mixed in this day. Not so long after that, nmpk Hafiz Syarafi out of one of the car.. smile happily.. it turned out good i guess ckp dlm hati.. (Dari Hanif's blog) It's actually like this..
"Hah.. dua org perempuan tu mari sini.." semua tgk lh manalh those fools.. buat lmbt je.. org nk blk cpt ni..
"Yg pakai baju merah dan hijau tu.. mari sini.." as far as i know.. i wore red shirt.. n hanif wore green shirt..
"Ya, kamulh knp pandang blkg lg..?" Pak cik ni dh melampau.. ada ke kami ini dipggl perempuan..? Then hanif stand by those vehicles.. that sickO.. feel his chest.. ehhrghhgug.. gila!! GAY!! tua pula tu.. i was like squirmish.. geli tau.. So, hanif got up first.. then me..

Bukit, Semua elok.. until.. this JPJ guy shout out
"Nombor ape..?" Org belum ready lg bang..
"103" smbl menahan brek kaki.
"Blh jln" semua dh mess up.. it happen to be that i have not yet stopped the car dgn handbrake.. sepatutnya lh.. naik bukit. dh berhenti n all. hand's up barulh tanya.. tp agaknya dia panas or what.. all destroyed.. Wahh!! What a waste... I think i swore under my breath in front of him.. "Huh.. apa..?"
" takde apa2.." off to pondok B again 4 ride on the road. Hanif came by afterward..
" Mcm mana ko buat..?"
"Stuck dkt bukit.." Lama juga kami berdua menunggu.. around 12pm or so.. furqan arrived.. woohoo.. another mate from school. Dia buat motor n car.. i believed so. Pkl 1pm.. lama gle dh tunggu... lapar pula tu.. pg td cuma mkn couple of sandwiches.. tak lalu.. thn lapar.. akhirnya berakhir.. that what i thought.. gle lh.. the guy which called out num n all.. membuatkn hati ini berdebar2... ada yg dkt dgn my n hanif's num.. like
"10..2, 94..." wah... this is the feelings.. pkl 1 lbh.. hanif di pggl.. then me.. is it just me or what.. kami mcm tak blh berjauhan. haha.. num same, time bukit same, time on the road same. glasses.. haha... semua quite the similar.

In the car..
"Nama adik..?"
"Anwar.. Anwar Azmi".. kerusi, cermin, seatbelt, signal, wipers, free gear done.. 5 ticks.. haha.. then time to move.. gear 1.. clutch slowly release.. just like my tutor used to said.. btw, The guy next to me.. x senyum langsung.. susah nk communicate.. all well..
"Ni.. kenapa dgn cermin mata adik..?" he called me 'adik' walaupun sdh pangkat ayah.. hehe.. I ignored him.. tgh focus ni.. jgnlh kacau.. tahulh nk trick me or something..
"Knp berkabus ni.. cermin mata adik..?" This thing usually happens when in fear, anger..
"Ni rosak skt, nnti nk ganti.." yelah.. takkan nk kata.. sy nervous gila... air-cond, buka ke tak..? haha.. then, it struck me.. OMG2, lupa jln... ah.. ada org dpn.. dia pun buat exam.. jd sy pun ikut.. haha.. no offense chinese guy yg bawa kereta di dpn.. LMBT gle.... susah juga nk ke gear 4. "Signal ke knn, potong" It's my pleasure.. tapi kesian dowh.. buat abg tu mcm tu.. low his self-esteem.. org lbh muda just passed by him. Jln plg ke centre.. wWOOOOt!! here we r. all done.. he gave the sheet, told to sign it.. tp lupa.. ada brg dlm seat blkg.. jd terpaksalh kejar that car.. nasib baik dia berhenti.. yg tggl tu sheet yg ggl buat bukit.. quite important..
"tunggu di bilik amali" off i go.. hanif there.. what a coincidence.. jumpa lg satu kwn.. lama.. girl.. skola dulu.. lupa nama.. but.. almost everyone in my batch hate her.. she bitchy, nosy.. annoying.." awk2... tak nk belanja..?" haha nasib baik rupa sy ni.. almost to jihu or something.. dia ajk bdk2 y'know.. girls.. hehe..
"Lulus ke..?" Salam tak de or anything dh kasih question.. i just nodded.
"how's SPM..?"
"Byk credit.."
" APa dia..?"
"Mmglh u ni.." eee.. this type of girl... o my.. paras rupa ada.. ok.. but.. tak lama dia dgn bf dia.. being mean.. haha..
"Hanif, knp panas gle dlm ni..?" satu bilik penuh aircond.. panas mcm.. fuuh... can't stand it.. around 2 something hanif ambil kad.. tggl daku sendirian.. tunggu kad mcm tunggu nk ke tandas luar rumah atuk.. lama... akak yg kerja ada kt situ.. looking at us.. Sabar saja.. then my tutor called..
" mcm mana td..? bgs..?"
"Jln raya ok, uncle.. bukit stuck"
"Ok pergi office.."
"tapi tgh tunggu kad ni.."
"Kad takkan dpt selagi semua x lulus.." punya lama tunggu.. tapi sabar.... sabar... isi borang n all. oh yeah, some otehr klu x lulus blh repeat next week.. I can't sbb my limit dkt L nk dkt tamat.. So have to renew.. so, 22nd my journey awaits..

Oh yeah.. Thank god all this would not be happened if HE did not let it be..
My parents.. thanks lot.. family all great..
Friends.. hehe.. thanks 4 the supports...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hehe.. I'm tagged.

Well, I guess this is my first tag by Hanif.. Thanks.. lbt skt sbb x realised been tagged.. ok, let's get on with it..

1) Apakah nama blog anda sekarang dan kenapa anda memilih nama itu?
Respect, Pride, Honour. It's all what life am n will be.. Respect. U got to respect others to earned their respect to u. Pride. Be proud of who u r. U r unique.. n no one can be u.. Honour. honour of certain thing which we r as an important role in life.

2) Apakah link blog anda sekarang dan bagaimana boleh timbul idea untuk menamakannya seperti itu. Haha.. it didn't.. they gave me suggestion n all. I was quite clueless. Sebenarnya nk put other thing.. Almost every ideas been taken by other geniuses.. haha.

3) Apakah 'method' penulisan dalam blog anda?
My way of writing eh..? It's all bout being myself. Gaya ckp n all.. Yeah, it is so..

4) Pernah terasa nak hapuskan blog anda? Sebabnya?
I just got start n u ask me this.. Course no.. never if i'm long-lived. Dh lama berminat dlm keeping my memories, life into something so that i'll never forget them. then u exist in my life.. haha.

5) Apakah pendapat anda mengenai blog kepada pemilik blog yang tag anda ni?
Hanif. His blog far more fancy than i am. for i'm 'freshie' in this.. He is one cool guy whom destined to b having JPJ exam same as i am.. Haha

6) Next 10 person to tag?
Hmm.. i don't know..
Siapa2 nk buat. help urself.. (^_^)

Classmate, friend n sister..

Sy ingin ceritakn kpd seorang insan yg baik hati n caring toward others. I met her when i was transferred to S.A form 4, it was almost the end of year.. so, let's cut to the chase. Honestly.. I had crush on her.. but thinking bout it.. she quite popular n all.. my intention has failed. Kwn tlh berkwn selama 1thn lbh.. i think so.. Through syamil sy dpt her num.. haha.. tp niat sy baik phone num lain pun sy minta.. sy orang yg pendiam but lots of stuff going on my mind.. we had conversation through our cell, chat3.. kami jd kwn.. hehe.. not so long then we had holiday over one week, i believed so.. dia ckp.. dia pulang ke kmpg.. i teased her 4 a bit.. "Blh belikn souvenir dr sana..?" dia x reply.. School time.. kami bersua.. she had lunch with her bf.. which is now EX.. n my friend, Amirul. He asked me to come near.. masa kami chat through phone, sy tahu dia sdh berpunya.. tp, who cares.. until.. that day.. dlm hati rasa yg dia nk 'slow talk with knuckle sandwich' to me.. nervous.. tp dia cool.. ha! dia kata" Hmm.. sebenarnya ni.. malu nk bagi 'Souvenir' dkt Anwar itulh d suruhnya tlg bagi.." haha.. malu gle.. in front of the whole class.. it was a photo frame.. with 'Cool dude' as it typo.. Gembira dpt hadiah ni.. wooh.. blk simpan elok2.. haha. masa form 5 semua busy.. SPM.. Datin.. PnRohana.. Study.. masa inilh kami bertungkus-lumus sbb tggl berapa bulan saja.. sebaik sahaja habis Spm.. tak tahu mana ltk bag sekolah n books n all.. yg sy igt ada sy pinjamkn dkt saudara sy.. At the moment, x kerja... lesen blm ada lg.. tp berangan naik 'Hot ride' kereta impian ku.. adalah kereta yg blh jln bwh.. toll.. Woot! speed limit like.. whooosshh.. ada kemungkinan cabut rmbt palsu akak yg kerja kt situ.. klu dia guna rmbt palsulh.. Recently, One had missed sooo much my belated sis.. it feels like yesterday she was with us all.. as whole family. Then, this very person came.. not technically.. sy yg hntr msg over her n other which i thought free to let out this feeling of misery of the past. Tanpa kira masa.. dia sms, around 2am.. "Hye.. y r u sad..?" I told her with everything going on.. how am i gonna be like this forever n all.. then she reply.. "I know how ur feeling atm, maybe if in ur shoes one would do the very same thing as u did. Dia dh pergi Anwar.. God love her more, maybe she's in better place.. It's ok to feel a lil sad.. it shows that u r a good person.. n brother.." I was like... crying like mad then cool off.. x tahu mcm mana blh led to "Blh x i aggp u as my sis 'akak'..? sbb dia lbh experienced in life as she living with. She said.. with a smile.. "of course.. " dr situlh ia bermula my classmate, friend n a sister began.. Her name shall be confidential as she not willing it to be state here.. (^_^)


Hey peops.. baru habis kelas memandu..I think it was great.. sampai guru sy sempat tidur utk beberapa minit.. haha.. Insyallah, tomorrow akn sy hadir utk Ujian JPJ.. tak pasti lg which group.. morning or noon.. so, doa-doakn sy ye.. moga2 dpt tenang dan dipermudahkn keesokkan harinya... (^_^) TQ

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Journey to Perak

My cousin nk what do u call them.. hntr brg sblm blh pinang someone..? what a long journey it will be.. honestly, xnk pergi langsung.. tp have to.. on the bright side.. well.. there must be something.. hmm... sy tahulh adat istiadat melayu.. sy kurang arif sgt bout my culture much.. tggl dkt bndr most of the time.. kampung pun dh 'modern'. No more trees as much as other village.. sungai rasanya dh jd parit pembuangan.. there's this one time, my father told stories bout all the fun, obstacles menjadi org susah.. i was quite "ooh, this is how my father live his life" from the situation he determined one day he will able to help those in need as much as he was the old days. Funny thing is, walaupun my father n mother used to lived in village n stuff.. but i never in my life.. yet.. experience the true beauty of living in a village, with paddy, leaches, shower by the well.. it must have been awesome if one able to share the joy. Alhamdulilah juga.. melalui ini sy dpt 2 b 'down to earth' lihat org yg lbh susah dr kita insyallah.. pahala dan syurga ganjaranya.. Bersyukurlh dgn apa yg ada milik, sblm ia diambil.. I guess that all.. I'm gonna be busy tomorrow.. so, anything just sms or comment.. (^_^)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Make urself at home

Feel free to check on whatever. 4 Those whom reading this, do a favor.. Be urself if would like to b around, don't pretend.. by being urself, true beauty reveals.. catch up on me as i'll make it serious revolution in life. Be urself, fool..

My life

Hey guys.. the name is Anwar. 18 male (of course) My b'day on the 16th Feb. Love to chat. love being good n bad guy, mostly i'm good though..Well.. I've been checking out my mates blogs, they were all fantastic. Truly amazed. So, i thought why not try this 'blogging' thing. Hmm.. Currently living in Shah Alam, Malaysia.. was schooling over at S.M.K.S.A when i was young over at klang. Then came U.K bout the age of 13.. life great over there.. W.E.T.C My most beloved school after that, back to homecountry.. don't to mean rude but.. deep inside.. don't want to go back.. i had great life over at U.K Where peops there r totally different in a gd way. mU feeling me..? but so far.. life gd in S.A. I love it here.. My family, there r 8 members. 3 has passed away.. now there only 5 of us.. the role i'm holding atm is big.. As I'm the only 'boy' i would consider it as 'young man' in the family has got to b strong in front of others, to protect, care, love them will all my will.. Honestly, eversince my belated sis passed away, which one had this HUGE IMPACT. She said b4 the time "Abg jaga mama, blaja rajin2" i got soo crazy then said back "Knp ckp cmtu.?" then she silenced.. AArrgghh.. ever since that i'm becoming rebel, rude, n want to released my Tense to others.. hot-tempered i am.. no other threat can take me down.. give no sh*t bout them u mess with me, my family we got some whacking to do.. one of my true ambition of becoming the 'Don' of a family soon gonna be rise instead of selling dope n all, my family seek justice. Alhamdulilah.. keep on believing n pray 4 the best.. n here i am, standing able to control (most) of my temper down. The one thing make (other-side of me) took control of me caused i regret that i didn't tell her b4 her time that i love her. Think back time, the time we had joy, had fun, quarrel over stupid things, she the one that ever stood up on me. there's this one time, we got into a fight no biggie just swear, cuss n everything.. she locked herself up her room.. out with deadly smile threw this toy truck made of steel then laugh while shut the door on me.. in my mind atm, these become one of my movie scene which rolled at times where needed her. Now, praying n waiting 4 the best outcomes in my life.. I know u r out there, somewhere.. if u can hear me.. I love u..