Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Classmate, friend n sister..

Sy ingin ceritakn kpd seorang insan yg baik hati n caring toward others. I met her when i was transferred to S.A form 4, it was almost the end of year.. so, let's cut to the chase. Honestly.. I had crush on her.. but thinking bout it.. she quite popular n all.. my intention has failed. Kwn tlh berkwn selama 1thn lbh.. i think so.. Through syamil sy dpt her num.. haha.. tp niat sy baik phone num lain pun sy minta.. sy orang yg pendiam but lots of stuff going on my mind.. we had conversation through our cell, chat3.. kami jd kwn.. hehe.. not so long then we had holiday over one week, i believed so.. dia ckp.. dia pulang ke kmpg.. i teased her 4 a bit.. "Blh belikn souvenir dr sana..?" dia x reply.. School time.. kami bersua.. she had lunch with her bf.. which is now EX.. n my friend, Amirul. He asked me to come near.. masa kami chat through phone, sy tahu dia sdh berpunya.. tp, who cares.. until.. that day.. dlm hati rasa yg dia nk 'slow talk with knuckle sandwich' to me.. nervous.. tp dia cool.. ha! dia kata" Hmm.. sebenarnya ni.. malu nk bagi 'Souvenir' dkt Anwar itulh d suruhnya tlg bagi.." haha.. malu gle.. in front of the whole class.. it was a photo frame.. with 'Cool dude' as it typo.. Gembira dpt hadiah ni.. wooh.. blk simpan elok2.. haha. masa form 5 semua busy.. SPM.. Datin.. PnRohana.. Study.. masa inilh kami bertungkus-lumus sbb tggl berapa bulan saja.. sebaik sahaja habis Spm.. tak tahu mana ltk bag sekolah n books n all.. yg sy igt ada sy pinjamkn dkt saudara sy.. At the moment, x kerja... lesen blm ada lg.. tp berangan naik 'Hot ride' kereta impian ku.. adalah kereta yg blh jln bwh.. toll.. Woot! speed limit like.. whooosshh.. ada kemungkinan cabut rmbt palsu akak yg kerja kt situ.. klu dia guna rmbt palsulh.. Recently, One had missed sooo much my belated sis.. it feels like yesterday she was with us all.. as whole family. Then, this very person came.. not technically.. sy yg hntr msg over her n other which i thought free to let out this feeling of misery of the past. Tanpa kira masa.. dia sms, around 2am.. "Hye.. y r u sad..?" I told her with everything going on.. how am i gonna be like this forever n all.. then she reply.. "I know how ur feeling atm, maybe if in ur shoes one would do the very same thing as u did. Dia dh pergi Anwar.. God love her more, maybe she's in better place.. It's ok to feel a lil sad.. it shows that u r a good person.. n brother.." I was like... crying like mad then cool off.. x tahu mcm mana blh led to "Blh x i aggp u as my sis 'akak'..? sbb dia lbh experienced in life as she living with. She said.. with a smile.. "of course.. " dr situlh ia bermula my classmate, friend n a sister began.. Her name shall be confidential as she not willing it to be state here.. (^_^)