Sunday, April 19, 2009

The day of work

This morning got up early 4 the 'lapor diri' which happens to be at 8am. At the office, is it just me or it's hot in here.. the air-conditioner not turn on. i'd waited till a lday came upon me

" Ini pembantu Pengawas ke..?"


"Ikut sini"

We walk to this room which call "Bilik Gerakan"

"Apa nama..?"

"Sy Anwar, Anwar Azmi"

There the others (Pembantu Pengawas) as far from i know their name are: Maizanah (pangkat akak), the other i forgot her name. no-one else but this Zaki guy at my age. He's happens to be one of us. He wasn't there, his shift not gonna start today, but tomorrow. The chief of examination of this morning was there too. Looked at me, with those eyes which filled with determination n fierce. As i passed him, everybody eyes was upon me. Luckily..

"Tadi dh punch-in..?

"uh.. belum..? (in my mind: kena ke..? i was here only 4 the 'lapor diri' my shift will be at 2:15pm) "

"Tahu ke..? biar sini auntie tunjukkan."


"hmm.. sebenarnya sy bertugas waktu 2:15 n the sheet of comfirmation told to 'lapor diri' pd
waktu pagi."

"Klu mcm tu, pergi jumpa dgn En. Syamsul (the chief of examination n intake of a helper) dkt office dia."

Dkt mana ye..?

"Msk office then terus.. Ah, tlg tunjukkan adik ni pergi office En. Syamsul (The lady whom worked there)"

"Ni dia, office En.Syamsul"
"Terima kasih"

Knocked ont the door..

"Assalamualaikum, EnSyamsul.."

"Ah, Anwar.."

"Hmm.. sy dtg sbb dlm surat yg sy terima, hari lalu.. menegaskan bahawa harus dtg pd on the 20th of April utk lapor diri. Sy bertugas ptg."

"Hari tulah, hari lapor diri"

"Ohh.. jd pagi ni xdelh..?"

"Tak, cuma dtg masa ptg ni je.."

"Terima kasih"

Handshake. off to my dad's office which is nearby. Atm, i'm in his office, surfing the net. Around 11:15 am i'm off to old school to get my certificate which has been corrected due to certain mistake upon my certificate. It was the info in the certificate not true as i didn't sat on an exam called PMR but the scores are there n the SPM grades r not in it. I look forward to it. wish me luck 4 the time of my shift. Haha..

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