Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jealous am i..?

I was surfing through the net, blog haven't post quite long time eversince the day decided to open up a blog. I am.
Anwar looked upon friend's blog

one of them is anisah's.. her blog was just awesome.. Anisah if u r reading this.. blh x niesah ajar anwar..? LOVE ur blog.. the animation thing.. the stories even recipes. Hahaha.. anwar dh baca dh.. I love to bake.. not that i know of but tlg skt2 di kira juga, kan..? then,

hanif's blog.. dude.. it is awesome the way of writing, brief n all tp full.. you feeling me..? it's cool. hey, i heard u had ur 'P' license already.. is it true..? well.. congratulation.. so, where u've been nowadays..? i know one of ur intention is... "The Zouk" haha.. i read ur blog... it was funny, cause that like common place to be.. the old time, me n adib were fooling around..
"Bila dh hbs SPM, Let's hit the Zouk"
"Hhaha, sure... maybe"

Ayi.. honestly anwar x pernah visit ur blog... yet.. sorry been very busy lately.. ramai lg di luar sana blm 'di-usha' haha.. kidding. walaupun diri ini gemar usha2 others, tp only one in my heart.. (^_^) she is... a girl.. dia jual mahal juga... all flattery which i learnt from my mate 'Charlie Cox' over at Exeter.. x jadi.. quite.. wah.. hope, she love me as who i am.. my true love..

There's somebody which became one of my follower.. x knl.. she's bit older.. n i'm scared.. tp pernah nmpk dia dkt one of u guys blogs..
Kpd akak di sana sedang membaca.. pls introduce urself.. i'm good guy..

Ika pula.. blm update her blog yet, tp was pretty interesting especially the one with the guy (US) will do help ourselves to aid the ladies(them) holding their handbag.. it was hilarious.. the part that apa penyakit yg dia pggl tu.. when she sees hot guys.. that what it is.. penyakit meloncat2 tu.. haha... as she is pretty busy not as busy i am.. haha.. all i do is wake up, tv.. online, solat,

what else..? oh yeah.. as far from i know.. one of my mates.. now, dkt melbourne.. smpi hati dia x inform earlier.. tp i forgave her.. we chat n all.. she said her laptop n phone broke, unable to stay contact.. over at her ms.. gmbr dia di sana... wah.. i missed being out there in others society, culture... I missed Exeter quite a lot.. walaupun hanya 3 years kt sana tp.. it was lovely to be part of it.. thank you.. F.Y.I she gonna be back MYS this sunday.. haha.. lil suprise, suppose..

I truly am in need of u guys help throughout this blogging thing.. Thank You..


  1. cb ko,xnk follow ko dh!aha

  2. Yeah.. used to.. b4 sy x pernah tgk ur blog. But i have.. it was cool..

  3. not listeniiiiiiiiiiiiiing~

  4. ha.. ayie.. merajuk.. haha.. no offense..

  5. hey anwar:))
    thanks kerana mem'promote' ika..
    haha;D, ur blog is pretty intresting gak,, an dhey,, i dnt know yg u like to bake~ maybe one day u can teach me eh?

  6. yeah sure ika..

    oh yeah.. quite.. haha.. bake sy gemar dr msk.. sbb x tahu pun.. haha

  7. upu ko dpt mane? :D