Saturday, April 4, 2009

Journey to Perak

My cousin nk what do u call them.. hntr brg sblm blh pinang someone..? what a long journey it will be.. honestly, xnk pergi langsung.. tp have to.. on the bright side.. well.. there must be something.. hmm... sy tahulh adat istiadat melayu.. sy kurang arif sgt bout my culture much.. tggl dkt bndr most of the time.. kampung pun dh 'modern'. No more trees as much as other village.. sungai rasanya dh jd parit pembuangan.. there's this one time, my father told stories bout all the fun, obstacles menjadi org susah.. i was quite "ooh, this is how my father live his life" from the situation he determined one day he will able to help those in need as much as he was the old days. Funny thing is, walaupun my father n mother used to lived in village n stuff.. but i never in my life.. yet.. experience the true beauty of living in a village, with paddy, leaches, shower by the well.. it must have been awesome if one able to share the joy. Alhamdulilah juga.. melalui ini sy dpt 2 b 'down to earth' lihat org yg lbh susah dr kita insyallah.. pahala dan syurga ganjaranya.. Bersyukurlh dgn apa yg ada milik, sblm ia diambil.. I guess that all.. I'm gonna be busy tomorrow.. so, anything just sms or comment.. (^_^)

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