Thursday, April 2, 2009

My life

Hey guys.. the name is Anwar. 18 male (of course) My b'day on the 16th Feb. Love to chat. love being good n bad guy, mostly i'm good though..Well.. I've been checking out my mates blogs, they were all fantastic. Truly amazed. So, i thought why not try this 'blogging' thing. Hmm.. Currently living in Shah Alam, Malaysia.. was schooling over at S.M.K.S.A when i was young over at klang. Then came U.K bout the age of 13.. life great over there.. W.E.T.C My most beloved school after that, back to homecountry.. don't to mean rude but.. deep inside.. don't want to go back.. i had great life over at U.K Where peops there r totally different in a gd way. mU feeling me..? but so far.. life gd in S.A. I love it here.. My family, there r 8 members. 3 has passed away.. now there only 5 of us.. the role i'm holding atm is big.. As I'm the only 'boy' i would consider it as 'young man' in the family has got to b strong in front of others, to protect, care, love them will all my will.. Honestly, eversince my belated sis passed away, which one had this HUGE IMPACT. She said b4 the time "Abg jaga mama, blaja rajin2" i got soo crazy then said back "Knp ckp cmtu.?" then she silenced.. AArrgghh.. ever since that i'm becoming rebel, rude, n want to released my Tense to others.. hot-tempered i am.. no other threat can take me down.. give no sh*t bout them u mess with me, my family we got some whacking to do.. one of my true ambition of becoming the 'Don' of a family soon gonna be rise instead of selling dope n all, my family seek justice. Alhamdulilah.. keep on believing n pray 4 the best.. n here i am, standing able to control (most) of my temper down. The one thing make (other-side of me) took control of me caused i regret that i didn't tell her b4 her time that i love her. Think back time, the time we had joy, had fun, quarrel over stupid things, she the one that ever stood up on me. there's this one time, we got into a fight no biggie just swear, cuss n everything.. she locked herself up her room.. out with deadly smile threw this toy truck made of steel then laugh while shut the door on me.. in my mind atm, these become one of my movie scene which rolled at times where needed her. Now, praying n waiting 4 the best outcomes in my life.. I know u r out there, somewhere.. if u can hear me.. I love u..

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