Thursday, May 14, 2009

Form 6

Yesterday (12th May 09) received news from school S.M.K.*.* which bout further studies over at S.M.K.S.A.A.S for form 6. i was like.. dunno.. at first deep-down, didn't want to until the day after tomorrow went to the school. It was pretty huge place, led the way to the office.. there, kuasa allah.. met adam.. isma that is.. he was like.. chillin in front of the office.. even my mom think he's a girl magnet. chat n stuff till an indian lady came by and explained briefly of this.. n that.. In my mind, it's not that bad.. anyway it teaches most of my core subjects to achieve dean's list.. insyallah.. so why not..? plus.. i will receive a certificate although i'm gonna be like only a month in that school.. Awesome!

"How bout we'll meet u next monday.. (which is tomorrow)..?"

"Yeah, let's do that.."

Pray 4 all goes well, guys..

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