Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I passed my JPJ

Today, 13th May 09 one glorious day which happened to be the day one passed JPJ. Honestly, i've been waited 4 this moment long time ago. I've also repeated TWICE, i know.. today the third. Some would say "Third time the charm" but please if someone out there were looking forward ur exam, don't take me as an example. It not only waste time, but MONEY. My dad been quarreled with my mom over this 'Extra Expenses'. One prayed 4 the best n alhamdullilah.. it's a success. The time one's failed was nothing but 'BUKIT' this is my weak area. don't think otherwise.. okay, where were we..? oh yeah.. that part of exam was the core 4 me, as always the vehicle up the hill, stop. raised hand. Then.. panicked don't know what to do.. slide back down it does. Today one faced it again.. all well till my conscience trying to back me down.. "Alamak, kereta ni gila lah.. mcm mana kereta ni blh lulus..?" that vehicle happened to be wreck.. the handbrake doesn't work properly.. but the seat.. very much comfortable.. empuk.. (^_^). i've floor it.. then i'm on the otherside of the world.. mesti gembira. My conscience supported me "Ni dh lulus bukit jgn igt dh hbs ada lg.. jgn overexcited nanti ggl.. " LOL.. "Thank You conscience.." (^_^). As soon i've parked the car by following others in rows. There's this weird grin on my face.. I'm happy.. haha.. went to get my results, they asked 4 my signature.. another fan, i suppose.. Then wait.. wait... wait.. I've finished all by 11:32am, but have to wait 4 my ride about 1:20 or something.. it was awful.. i was hungry, thinking of doing 'failure face' as i step on my doorstep to make other family member of thinking me failed.. yet again.. but it's all worth it.. Unfortunately i've got to take the bus.. F.Y.I i've never ride on a bus b4.. except when i was in devon, U.K. It's all good experiences..
Thank You 4 ur time..

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