Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's day..

Today, well it's has became yesterday was the event called 'Father's day' one didn't wish my father as 4 in my mind, words cannot express how i truly feels. one does aid him where's help is needed around but still his sacrifices unable to be pay by that only, i cannot pay him n mother's will although if it takes my whole life nor the wealth of the world, their sacrifices limitless. every litttle things they've cared bout even a mosquitoes bites when one was a child has ended it's life by the hand of 'Parents'. Love all one able to give sincerely no matter what situation one ended up. as for the future one prayed 4 family members, relatives, friends, brothers n sisters of islam may continue living in their lives merrier in this world n the afterworld by following HIS orders, if god will it, anything is possible. "Kun Fayakun" as 4 the meaning anything HE will it, He may achieve it.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Futsal Night

it was yesterday, with the boys.. thought around 15 peops gonna join then again there were 24 of us seems like a school reunion.. planned at 8 till 10, but it was postponed so we've got the schedule of 10 till midnight. 4 me which quite weak in sport really sucks.. sores in body rising, lol.. but it was awesome meeting mates n all. that night was our last night of do-stuff-together as for some of us gonna continue studies almost aroung the states. Insyallah, we able to organize the same kind a thing when we r free like maybe semester break or anything. C ya guys later..

Monday, June 8, 2009

True Journey starts soon

Soon i'll be away... 4 quite long time... 3 years doing diploma in Public Admin.. in Kedah.. so, there's like 1 n half week left 4 me in Shah Alam.. got used to the surrounding here.. gonna missed lots.. today i went 4 an opening of an account over at Bank Islam+shop by Jusco.. bought Laptop.. parents thought this will help during my studies.. 3 years quite long.. 4 by that time one unable to stick around here no more.. till one came 4 a break or holiday.. i'll be doing this 4 a better future 4 i am has realised how important knowledge in life.. 4 it's the key to success in life n thereafter along with faith.. i'll do update my blog time after time.. thanks 4 those whom has been one blogger friends..