Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's day..

Today, well it's has became yesterday was the event called 'Father's day' one didn't wish my father as 4 in my mind, words cannot express how i truly feels. one does aid him where's help is needed around but still his sacrifices unable to be pay by that only, i cannot pay him n mother's will although if it takes my whole life nor the wealth of the world, their sacrifices limitless. every litttle things they've cared bout even a mosquitoes bites when one was a child has ended it's life by the hand of 'Parents'. Love all one able to give sincerely no matter what situation one ended up. as for the future one prayed 4 family members, relatives, friends, brothers n sisters of islam may continue living in their lives merrier in this world n the afterworld by following HIS orders, if god will it, anything is possible. "Kun Fayakun" as 4 the meaning anything HE will it, He may achieve it.

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